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My 10 years worth of professional experience include both outside and inside sales roles as a sales leader, sales trainer, and quota carrying professional in the healthcare and digital advertising space. I managed millions of dollars of new business as an individual contributor and as a manager. I simultaneously have managed a million dollar real estate portfolio and built a brand around personal growth and motivation.

Competencies: Startup Business Strategy, Early Stage Startup Startup, Sales Operations & Strategy, Mid-Market Sales, Enterprise Sales, Inbound & Outbound Marketing Strategy, Conventional Real Estate Strategy, Private Money Real Estate Transactions, Multi-Family REI, Team Management, Motivational Speaking, Personal Growth Consulting.

Ad Technology, Digital Advertising, Diagnostics Laboratory, Telehealth, Staffing & Recruiting, Real Estate. 


Currently managing a real estate portfolio of privately funded multi-family properties. Open to private money partnerships if you're looking for a return in real estate without doing the ground work. Currently exploring both long-term buy and hold as well as flip properties.

Open to numerous partnerships both as a deal provider and cash provider. Contact me below and reference 'Real Estate Investment.'


iAM is a brand designed to provide a catalyst for my personal growth & motivational consulting services. This can range from public speaking engagements to personal advising sessions. 

Inquire below and reference 'iAM'

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diDNA is the enterprise ad management platform that optimizes digital ad inventory for publishers. Our focus is to generate the highest revenue for our publishers and top quality advertisements for our advertisers. As the VP of Sales, it is my role to onboard an individual publisher and create larger strategic partnerships that are beneficial for both parties.

If you have a website you're trying to monetize or are in the digital advertising industry please find me on LinkedIn or inquire below with 'diDNA.'