My story

Always Asking How

I was born and bred in Sanford, Florida where I was raised by two of the hardest working people I know. My parents laid the foundation for who I am and the values instilled in me today. They were the ones who taught me that hustling for what you want is the only way - we didn't have participation trophies on the shelf in our house. They started me on the my journey I'm still on today.


I spent my childhood grinding through the public school system and following the 'typical' path of going to school, getting in to college (if you find some way to afford it), and then get a 9 to 5 job in a nice cubicle. In 2011, I graduated from UCF with a sales job and finally was going to make a paycheck that could pay the bills. That job turned into a 5  

year career where I had an opportunity to improve my skills in business development, leadership, and investing outside of a 401k. I also lived in 4 different cities over the 5 years to progress in my career. There was no way anything as simple as packing up my life and moving was going to keep me from growing. As I progressed in my career, I began to think differently when it came to my personal goals and aspirations. I began to question 'why' I was waking up at the crack ass of dawn and putting on a suit. Why was I chasing a paycheck with the end goal of... a paycheck? 


In 2015, I began to explore the entrepreneurial DNA that was already there by beginning to invest in my own ventures. Within a year and a half, I had the capital to take some time and do some soul searching. My mindset had shifted so much since I graduated that the only logical next step was to start chasing the other opportunities I had in front of me.

In 2016, I finally quit my job and drove across country to where I could afford to live on my own real estate income and savings. For the next 2 years, I spent time traveling to places I had never been, began marking things I wanted to do off the bucket list, and how I was going to reach some of my most lofty goals. The time spent soul searching wasn't without challenge though. I went through 2 jobs, lost money in a failed startup, and came dangerously close to liquidating assets I worked hard to acquire.

But I was ready for this new challenge. This was just the next level.
 I knew I had control of what was going to happen next and I had a solid sense of 'why' I was doing all of this. I was in a constant state of asking how and I was going to reach the goals I had... It was just a matter of time. How can I afford this next one? How can make this next one happen? There is no going back once you start looking at life in a constant state of how.

I want to inspire others that this constant state of how is accessible to everyone. I want to inspire others to live life and laugh as much as possible. I want to be proof that where you start is not the where you end and the journey in between can be fun as hell. It all just starts with learning to always ask how.