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My Why

In 2016, I knew I wasn't completely happy with where I was. I also knew that the only one who could change anything about that was me. So, I chose to quit my job and begin some soul searching. I began to check off some bucket list items and really get a good grasp of who I am.


The 2 years following that move, I faced challenges I wasn't familiar with. I went through jobs and lost money in failed startups.


Yet, through all of that I had complete control of my actions & mindset. There is no going back once you start looking at life in a constant state of how and realizing you can master your actions & mindset.


I want to inspire others that mastering your actions & mindset is accessible to everyone. I want to inspire others to live life and laugh as much as possible. I want to be proof that where you start is not where you end and the journey in between can be fun as hell. It all just starts with i AM!



1.) Memento Mori - You only die once, but live everyday
2.) Evaluate and take action despite fear.
3.) Have powerful positive self-talk. I AM!
4.) Always ask how.
5.) Be present.
6.) Be grateful for what you have.
7.) Communicate your feelings and thoughts. Be transparent.
8.) Practice self-reflection and cultivate a strong sense of self.
9.) Impact & Inspire others.
10.) Think without the box.

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