My Why

In 2016, I knew I wasn't completely happy with where I was. I also knew that the only one who could change anything about that was me. So, I chose to quit my job and begin some soul searching. I began to check off some bucket list items and really get a good grasp of who I am.


The 2 years following that move, I faced challenges I wasn't familiar with. I went through 2 jobs, lost money in a failed startup, and came dangerously close to liquidating assets I worked hard to acquire.  


Yet, through all of that I had complete control of what I was going to do next and how I was going to react. My mindset had shifted to always asking how. How can I afford this? How can I make this happen? There is no going back once you start looking at life in a constant state of how.


I want to inspire others that this constant state of how is accessible to everyone. I want to inspire others to live life and laugh as much as possible. I want to be proof that where you start is not where you end and the journey in between can be fun as hell. It all just starts with learning to always ask how.